Welcome Slayeretts! What do you think of the new layout? I began this page in 1997, a year after the series began. I've promised to bring you current Buffy related information and entertainment since then. I'm sorry that I've been so behind in doing this. I really wish that I could sit and only program for this site all day long, but, unfortunately, I have to learn to make a living. However, when really important stuff happens, I'm right back here.

     After six years of hanging around cyberspace and watching our favorite crusader try to fight the good fight against evil and the forces of darkness, my Tuesday nights have come to a very quiet end. Buffy, the series this time, is no more. But in its run it has changed so many things. First she created a new genre of television programming that focused on a strong female lead who is the brains behind fighting some evil. From Buffy sprang such series as Crossing Jordan and Alias. Second it pushed boundaries wherever it went creating a successful musical episode and filming the only lesbian love scene to appear on network television. It has inspired constant debate on the philosophies and theories behind the mysticism portrayed on the show as well as continuously opening the doors of discussion into many social hot topics, such as school violence, teenage depression, issues surrounding the death of loved ones, and sexual orientation.

     Buffy the Vampire Slayer kept it's finger on the pulse of society and reflected it bravely for us all to re-examine. Over the next few years I hope to take this page from a fan site to a site that examines the effects that this television show has had on pop culture and culture in general. I hope to examine the series in the context in while it aired and examine the ramifications it has had on other media.

     As of right now, everything is as it was. I will be updating the episode guide as soon as I can. The image galleries will be updated, but probably paired down to conserve web space. Links will be provided to send those looking for images to places with more bandwidth. I will begin to scour the internet for work and essayist who have begun the process of deconstruction and I invite all of you to send me your own take on how Buffy has effected the world, or how it has personally effected you. Submissions can be sent to the following address: abc@thisisnotatest.net. Please make sure that BtVS Article Submission is in the subject line!

     And, hey, could ya'll sign the guestbook? I want to know if you like any of this stuff. I keep getting fairly consistent hit records, but I'd really like to know what you think.

     (In the spirit of tradition, the ending note that has been here since the beginning.)I've got some Buffy goodies for you here, so why don't you curl up on the red velvet-crush couch (or matching chair) with your cup of warm pig's blood (or pink lemonade-if you're not a vamp) and see what lurks within these many pages. Enjoy!


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